About Braver Holdings

Our history and goals.

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Braver Holdings is a private investment group with a rich history in brand building and developing purpose-driven, enduring businesses. The majority of Braver Holding's investments are actively managed by the team, preferring active management investing rather than passive investing.

Brands We've Worked With

Braver Holdings has worked with a myriad of global brands including Mercedes-AMG, Brunswick Corporation, and Nintendo. We value our partnerships, and work to find mutually beneficial synergies.

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A History of Brand Building & Manufacturing

Braver Holdings focuses on building brands that have a unique moat. We do this by developing unique technologies and finding companies with rich histories - or even building them ourselves. Braver Holdings owned and operated Cigarette Racing Team for more than 20 years (2001-2021), bringing it from near bankruptcy to it's glory as a global brand.

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Supporting Manufacturers & Suppliers

We value long-term relationships and partner collaborations. Many of these relationships even span over multiple businesses. We believe in working with suppliers to add value for both teams - it's how we make relationships last!

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Building Dreams

It's okay to have some fun too. The majority of our businesses have an aspect of novelty to them - life is too short to not have a bit of fun. From high performance boats to luxury ski-in ski-out homes to sports cars, Braver Holdings knows the business of fun and luxury.

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Our Values

The core values that we look back to.

Dream Big

We don't think small. We want to make a better world and build products that make peoples lives better. It's important to dream.

Leadership in our Categories

Being a leader and striving to be the best is what creates long lasting growth and profitability.

People Matter

Our greatest investment is our people. We seek out great, talented, people and reward them for their efforts.

Quality Fanatics

From a manufactured piece, to a custom home, quality is remembered long after the purchase. Great style makes a buyer, great quality makes a repeat customer.

Total Cost

We firmly believe in looking at the total cost of a product or service, rather than just material and labor costs, to find ways to improve quality and avoid corner cutting.

Relationship Driven

We value long-term relationships and colaborate to build long lasting partnerships between ourselves, our suppliers, and customers.